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Dexter GuptillnnWhen in Muggle disguise during the week, Dexter Guptill is an IT geek. When NOT pretending to be a Muggle, he's an SF fan, a Burner, a SCAdian, a reenactor / living historian, a cook, a gun nut, and all-around weirdo.nnDex has been a fan for about 51 years, since discovering Heinlein's “Red Planet” in the elementary school library at the American School of Kinshasa. He got interested in gaming in college, after hearing some folks at the next table in the dining hall, talking about slaying Orcs. One night at the UVA's war-gaming club, a dude in mail wandered in, asking if anyone wanted to try this stuff for real. This was Dexter's introduction to the Society for Creative Anachronism. nnIn the early 90s, on a trip to the Williamsburg area, Dex discovered Jamestown Settlement. Interest grew, and then in the spring of 1995, he went from zero to Musketeer in the space of a few months. In September of '95, at a reenactment of the Battle of Naseby, he saw a couple of barber-surgeons and was bitten by