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Carinn Seabolt

Carinn Seabolt is Evil Beagle Games’ Editor-in-Chief and co-designer of the long-awaited The Crew setting book for Savage Worlds. She is also in charge of reviewing charity requests and coordinating the Beagle’s involvement with worthy causes.

Carinn also does quite a bit of freelance editing for other publishers in gaming. She’s a member of the customer service team for the industry’s most important digital distribution sites, DriveThruRPG and RPGNow. Carinn’s been a part of the Fat Dragon Games team at conventions, and is a much beloved Game Master as well.

Carinn is co-creator of The Crew, a modern day supernatural action setting Evil Beagle plans to publish for Savage Worlds. We are working on getting her more involved in writing, as well.

Many blogs and podcasts seek to have Carinn join them for discussions on gender equality, social justice, and LBGT issues She’s becoming a rising voice for these matters, and her compassion and practicality bring necessary grounding to these understandably sensitive topics. She’s the perfect choice to head up our charity efforts; it was Carinn that recommended DriveThruRPG work with Doctors Without Borders for that record-breaking charity bundle effort in the aftermath of the Haiti earthquakes.