MarsCon 2019 has ended
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Ed Huff

Well, it all started when a friend introduced me to Jerry Hogan back in the 80s when he was selling comics out of his truck at flea markets (before he bought the Trilogy comic book shop). I helped him work cons in New York, Charlotte, and all over the Hampton Roads area. During that time period I met Michael Khandelwal and was in his VCR club (Variations of Cosmic Reality, which phrase I do believe I coined!). Through my association with Michael I worked several of the cons he put on. I’ve also been involved in the Tidewater Alliance, which included working parades and other events with the local 501st Legion, Rebel Legion, and Mando Mercs.

I’m a die-hard geek through and through, pledging allegiance to almost every sci-fi and fantasy fandom. After getting married I introduced my bride to the wonders of Doctor Who, Stargate SG-1, Star Trek, etc., and upon finding out that she had never been to a con, my research led me to MarsCon. Our first MarsCon was the year Jim Butcher was the guest – we had a fantastic time and have been coming back ever since. I must say I came by this prestigious title honestly – it was bought and paid for! (Thank you, Scott and Jessica Rising!) Lastly, if you look to the right you’ll see that Special Guest Mira Grant is about to kill me with a knife (while looking her finest) – someone please call the cops!!

A close Friend describes him as – “He is a wonderful teddy bear. Loves gaming, Star wars and sci fi. Has an awesome military truck he drives in parades. Really nice guy, and his wife is pretty awesome too!”