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J. "Cal" Baldari

Stratford University
Newport News, Virginia
Dr. Baldari is a bit of a polymath. He joined the United States Army as a Combat Engineer after high school "to seek adventure." He qualified Sapper shortly after and served 24 years, completing the Warrant Officer Training Course to become a Army Civil Engineer. He graduated cum laude with a degree in physics from UNLV while on sabbatical (Green to Gold), during which time he bounced for clubs, dabbled in bounty hunting, instructed firearms training courses, and otherwise enjoyed a few years of civilian life. He fenced for the UNLV Rebel Fencing Team, earning places in the Duel in the Desert tournament several years in a row. He has deployed to Sarajevo, Bosnia, Iraq, and Afghanistan and has a little purple medal and a tiny little V to show for it. Upon retiring, he returned to academia to study philosophy and earn his doctorate from the University of Leeds, the leader in Applied Ethics research in the Western world. His PhD focused on military ethics, specifically on the management of rogue operators and bad actors under the rules of war. His research in recent years focuses on the ethical ramifications of implicit bias, and diversity ethics in general. Since taking on a position with Stratford University, he has also worked in the field of moral conflict in literature. He is an avid tabletop gamer and short story author in the genres of military fantasy and science fiction.